Jervois Idaho Cobalt Operations is the world’s premier supply of ethically sourced, sustainably produced American cobalt.

Tucked away in the Salmon Challis National Forest, the Idaho Cobalt Operations complex consists of a small, 1200 ton per day underground hard-rock mine with a milling and flotation circuit designed to match mining output.    When production commences, ICO will produce both a cobalt concentrate and a copper concentrate.   Encompassing less than 400 acres, the complex houses a state-of-the-art water treatment plant, a dry stack tailings and waste storage facility, laboratory facilities, maintenance facilities, water management ponds and a small administrative facility.

The site will operate a 102-bed mining camp, complete with fully staffed kitchen, laundry, change house and recreation facility.  Employing 180 full-time positions at full operations, the complex is designed with the latest in mining technology to deliver safety, efficiency, effectiveness and maximize the precious cobalt resources available.

Jervois’ Idaho Cobalt Operations is America’s Cobalt.

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